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UAP Group is a pan-African Financial Services Group with interest in Insurance, Investment Management, Property Investments and Development, Securities Brokerage and Financial Advisory. Currently UAP has twelve (12) businesses operating in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Tanzania. UAP Holdings Ltd is the holding company for the various UAP businesses.

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Recruitment and selection policies

UAP Holdings Limited is an equal opportunity employer. We  recruit staff on the basis of ability, experience and qualifications irrespective of sex, religion, marital status or physical disability or ethnic background. The most qualified and suitable candidate shall be offered the job.

How to apply

All our recruitment is done through this website. Please use the links provided to view a list of our current vacancies, and then sign up and apply online. Complete the application form carefully, as we will use it to assess your suitability for any jobs that you apply for. You are welcome to apply for more than one position – once you’ve signed up and created an account, simply use the same account details to log in when applying for any subsequent position.


In an effort to improve the productivity of employees as well as prepare them for higher challenges, the UAP supports training of its employees that is attuned to the business needs of the organization. Employees are in turn encouraged to improve their proficiency and productivity. The policy of the company is reward our staff force for their contribution in achieving corporate objectives. This is measured through a performance management system that is in place which measures the performance of staff through out the year and staff members are rewarded based on their contribution in meeting departmental / corporate objectives.

Motivation of staff

The company believes that a motivated workforce will help the organization achieve its goals. Numerous benefits have been put in place in the organization which assist making staff members motivated so that they are able to work at their optimal levels.